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Friday is a good rest day!

Varicose Veins and leg pain are a very common condition. Over 30 million people in the USA suffer with leg pain and bumpy veins, known as varicose veins. For many people who may have a career that requires long hours of standing ex: teachers, usps post office, bank tellers, hair stylist, nurses…a few moments of rest, kicking your legs up and relaxing is very healthy! Its a helpful (temporary) way to relieve leg swelling and aches. Take a look at this video. A very simple, yet VERY effective way to alleviate leg pain, swelling, cramps, and tired legs. Click here: Leg Circulation Exercise If you are suffering with chronic leg pain, swelling, and overall discomfort, it could be a very serious condition and may need immediate attention. Don’t wait, Hannum Vascular is here to help: (407) 329-3108. Two locations: Kissimmee and Poinciana!

Who needs to see a vascular surgeon?

A vascular surgeon is a highly trained physician who manages patients with all forms of vascular disease, so almost any patient might have occasion to see such a specialist. This includes:
  • Patients with aneurysms in almost any location in the chest, abdomen, or extremities.
  • Patients with varicose veins, spider veins, or leg ulcers caused by venous disease.
  • Patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD), whether symptoms are minor or more threatening to the leg.
  • Many patients with carotid disease or blockage will see a vascular surgeon for stroke prevention and treatment.
  • Patients with kidney failure require dialysis access procedures, also provided by vascular surgeons.
Vascular surgeons are the only professionals who can offer all forms of treatment to this wide-ranging group of patients.

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  • • We offer a number of procedures to resolve your vascular conditions.
  • • Dr. Scott Hannum is one of the only board certified Vascular surgeons in Kissimmee, Florida.
  • • Our staff takes care of patients with vein problems day in and day out.
  • • We have over 12 years of experience treating vein patients.